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Randy Hardin

Eric Couch is a very unique individual in that he has all of the skills and qualities that makes a successful salesman, entrepreneur, business leader, husband, father, and friend.I would highly recommend Eric to anyone in any position as a person of the highest integrity and drive; again a great combination in today's business world.

Randy HardinFounder Former CEO/President UPG:AMEXPresident of BWGLLC

Bruce Beaty

Eric Couch is excitement, knowledge, and can do all bottled into one. I'm privileged to count Eric as a friend and business associate. Seek Eric out because he knows a lot, and stick with him because he is "good people", he works hard and has his priorities right

Kevin Brunner

I have known Eric Couch for many years, through 'thick and thin', and in the best of times and the worst of times, he is consistent. Always with integrity, he keeps his word. His ‘yes’ means yes. His ‘no’ means no. And in our industry, this is unfortunately a very rare thing. Need support, advice, honesty, call Eric. Just not on Sunday, as that’s the one day he has Higher priorities, which is the root of why he is so successful.

Kimberly Parker

Eric was recommended to my family by a long-time financial advisor who was retiring. After my mother passed away, Eric worked tirelessly to settle the financial aspects of my mom's estate, going FAR above and beyond what could reasonably be expected.I feel that Eric is very trustworthy, vital when it comes to dealing with financial affairs. He is also very good at explaining why financial products are chosen, and how they will help achieve your goals.

I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone seeking assistance with their financial goals.

Jim Schwartz

Eric did an amazing job for us. We were searching for a solution and he brought a solution to the table that we had never seen and that was the perfect fit. The case was complex and took considerable time and effort to complete and thanks to Eric, we closed the deal! Great partner and always a great resource. Highly recommended.

Mark Hoffman, CLU, ChFC

In my 46 years of working with thousands of insurance professionals, I have met a few outstanding fully trustworthy men and women. Eric Couch is one Insurance Professional that stands head and shoulders above the rest! He is thoroughly knowledgeable and consistently up to date on all facets of the annuity and insurance industry.I trust Eric with my family's insurance and annuity needs and I recommend that others trust him too. His yes means yes and his no means no!

Whenever you look back on his advice and counsel you can safely say, "This was and continues to be a superior decision."


Mark Hoffman CLU, ChFC


V. Eric Couch

3700 Imperial Dr

Flower Mound, TX 75028

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